27 February 2008

Query Pains

So I finally took a stab at writing a query letter for my novel. Didn't work out so well. I posted the letter in forum over on Agent Query Connect (my new favorite website) and got some good feedback.

Good in the sense that it helped me see what was all wrong with it.

Writing a decent query is harder than I expected! At least for this particular manuscript. This one was written mostly by the seat of my pants, with very little planning or outlining. I just started a new book, but this idea was much more thought out in advance, with several pages of notes on what I wanted to happen, etc. And I pretty much wrote a basic hook and summary (the important parts of the query!) before I even started writing the book itself. So maybe the query letter for that one will be easier.

But back to my first manuscript. I've finally let it be for a bit since I've started working on something new. Maybe another couple weeks and I'll go back with fresh eyes to revise and edit. Then I'll set my sights on the query letter once again. After that....

Well, who knows. I may be sending letters to agents by April. :-)

02 February 2008


I'm trying, I really am! But I keep finding myself re-reading and doing some small editing on my novel manuscript. I said I was going to leave it alone for a little bit, to gain some new perspective before I go and do the major editing/revisions. I found this great website called Agent Query with an awesome searchable database of literary agents. I found about seven I want to look into further. I know my manuscript is in no condition to go out just yet, so before I start querying I think I'm going to look into a few of the books each agent has sold to get a feel for the kind of writer they represent. Then I'll have a better idea of where I want to send queries when the novel's ready!

I do actually have some ideas that are finally taking shape in my head. I think I might be ready to start writing something else, or at least mapping a few things out, so that should keep me busy (and away from my novel draft for now!) for a little bit.

So anyway, all you writers out there need to visit Agent Query's website. And while you're there, join AQ Connect!