06 January 2009

Dr. Who?!?

I'm very sad that David Tennant will not be continuing as Dr. Who.  Nearly devastated, in fact.  Even if you're not a sci-fi geek like me, I have no doubt David Tennant could turn you into an eternal Dr. Who fan.  If you're a woman, anyway.  So I just saw a pic of the new guy who'll be playing Dr. Who - his name eludes me right now - and he could be promising.  He's got funky hair, which is cool.  But there's just something about David Tennant......  *sigh* I guess I'll just have to get over it.  This new guy better be good!

In completely unrelated news, I just started the accompanying blog for my erotica novel!  I won't give out the link yet.  Not til there are few good posts up to really lure you in and I have a few stashed away for easy publishing later on.  I haven't gotten very far with the manuscript just yet.  Been working a little more on Confessions, though Marisol's been getting to me again with her escapades.  It's very interesting in my head at the moment, with these two very different plots fighting for attention.  The exploration of grief, religion, and love in Confessions, and the exploration of sex and fun with Marisol!  Interesting, indeed.