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Learning to Breathe - coming soon in 2016

Bree has a budding law career, a loving fiancé, a new house, and a future that promises everything she thought she could ever want. But when her fiancé dies months before the wedding, all of that dies with him. In the midst of her grief comes the shattering realization that she doesn’t actually want the future she had been working so hard to build. Somehow she must mourn the loss of her relationship and her old life while holding herself together long enough to start over from scratch. To complicate matters further, what starts as mutual support slowly blossoms into an undeniable attraction to the one man she’s sure she can't be with: her dead fiancé’s brother.

Sorry's Not Enough
Contemporary New Adult

Tragedy in Charlotte's past has left her broken in ways that "I'm sorry" can never fix. She doesn't give a damn that people misinterpret her aloofness as arrogance because the farther away they stay from her, the less chance she has of getting hurt again. When she meets Steven in a writing workshop, his quick wit and good looks suddenly have her fighting the urge to get up close and personal.

Steven is persistent when it comes to getting what he wants. And he wants Charlotte. He sees a softness under the surface of her stay-the-hell-away-from-me attitude that only makes him want to get closer. But as Steven breaks down the walls around her heart, he realizes they may have been there as much for his protection as hers.

Falling in love requires vulnerability, and that scares the shit out of Charlotte. When her instinct for self-preservation kicks into overdrive, she ends up causing the heartbreak she'd been so desperately trying to avoid. Can Charlotte deal with her past baggage before it wrecks her future? And will sorry be enough to keep Steven's love for her alive?

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Short Fiction

Melt: A Sexy Summer Short Story
Erotica (very short story)

Chicago native Naomi has made a home with her boyfriend Erik in lush, tropical Hawaii, but she misses certain things about winter now and then. To give her a taste of home, Erik hatches a plan to bring winter to the beach, but it doesn't last long because when their bodies meet, the temperature is always scorching. 

Consenting Adults
An anthology of ten of my short stories exploring romantic relationships, both tame and erotic.

Bibliophile – A book lover and a bookstore owner write their own story of literary passion.

Consenting Adults – Finding her way again after a career change, Sasha hopes her law firm internship will lead to full time employment. What she hadn't expected was the attention of one of the firm's junior partners, who wants to hear her say "yes" over and over again.

The Haricots Verts – "Everything thin and pretty deserves a special place of honor." You struggle with the feeling that you don't quite fit, and you're sure your date is out of your league. But maybe he's felt the same way.

A Christmas Miracle for Valentine’s Day – Trent has been deployed for more than half of his two-year marriage. He’s due home for Valentine’s Day, and his wife also wants to celebrate the Christmas he missed. But will the weather keep Trent away for yet another holiday?

The Guest – Gwen’s husband Mateo brings home a stranded coworker on Christmas Eve. She would’ve been more annoyed at the inconvenience, but the unexpected guest is quite handsome… and a bit of a flirt… and Mateo doesn’t seem to mind…

The Reluctant Exhibitionist – Anna has exhibitionist fantasies, but she doesn't want to let her boyfriend Tim watch her during solo play, which he can't understand. Tim devises a plan to let Anna safely indulge in her fantasies, and he just might get what he wants out of it, too.

The Adventures of Sasquatch – Single mom George is worried that she's lost her spark, and a black tie event at work provides the perfect opportunity to prove to herself (and her dimpled coworker) that she's still up for fun. If she can only find the perfect pair of shoes to fit the massive feet that have been her burden since high school, she just might have a Cinderella moment.

Between the Lines – Meg has only ever talked to Josh online after they were introduced by a mutual friend. But that did nothing to stop their conversations from taking a sexual turn. Josh has a knack for guessing Meg's deepest fantasies. When their mutual friend throws a New Year's Eve party, Meg seizes the opportunity to bring her fantasy to life.

2045 – Two lovers at the end of the world.

Lipstick Marks – Eve wants Marcus to take control in the bedroom, but he’s not sure he has what it takes to really deliver, so he enlists the help of the woman who helped them get together in the first place—and who they haven’t stopped fantasizing about ever since.

The Fall: Tales From the Apocalypse
Anthology (2012) includes my story Flight Plans
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Spring Fevers

Anthology (2012) includes two of my stories:
  • The Adventures of Sasquatch
  • The Haricots Verts  
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Divine Dirt Quarterly (out of print)
  • On a Trans-Atlantic Flight (flash fiction)
  • Unsuspecting Bodies (poem)
Oysters & Chocolate (out of print)
  • The Reluctant Exhibitionist (short story - erotica) (2010) This story is available in my Consenting Adults collection listed above