19 September 2010


I know, I haven't posted in a few weeks.  But to be fair, I haven't been spending ALL my time in slackerville!  At this very moment I am double-checking all my manuscript formatting and such because I've received my first request!

In other news, Agent Query Connect has moved to a brand new website and it looks grrrrrreat!  I'm moderating a critique group there and I've been busy setting that up.  AQC is now tied with Facebook for the most use of my time hahaha.

And, of course, I've been writing.  I'm making good progress with Confessions and I'm hoping to be finished and ready to query by Halloween.  That's the plan, at least.  The erotica is still just sitting there, but as soon as Confessions is done I'll be diving into that with all of my energy.

So I know it's short, but those are my updates for now.  I'll be back soon, promise!  I think it's time for another Shout Out Sunday or an Author Profile, or something... what do you think?