Honest Review Pledge

Author (and AQC friend) Sophie Perinot posted a pledge on her blog in response to the practice of buying positive reviews online. She also urged other writers to make a similar statement, so here's mine.

As a writer, I pledge: 
  • Never to pay for fake positive reviews of my work
  • Never to offer discounts, freebies, or other perks to readers in exchange for falsely positive reviews
  • Never to solicit false negative reviews for other writers' work in order to make my own look more favorable or to gain marketing advantage
As a reader/reviewer, I pledge:
  • To review all works honestly and candidly
  • Never to write a negative review for the purpose of revenge, spite, or personal attack
  • Never to accept money, flattery, gifts, or other perks in exchange for false positive reviews
  • Not to let opinions or expectations of others affect my views of the work I'm reviewing 


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