02 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2011!  Hopefully this will be a successful year for myself and all of my fellow writers.  To kick off the new year, guess what I got in the mail?  A Possession prize pack from Elana Johnson!  That's right, I actually won one of the goodies I mentioned in my last post!  Check out the swag:
Signed book marks, super cool temporary tattoos that say "tagged", Possession keychain, and chocolate!  What's even more awesome than winning is the fact that I just LOVE butterflies, so the theme of the artwork is perfect for me.  

I remember when Elana and I were in a crit group together over on Agent Query Connect.  If her being super nice isn't reason enough for you to go pre-order her book, I can assure you it will be good.  I always loved reading Elana's chapters in our group.  Although she workshopped a different story with us then, I do remember getting a sneak peek of this story when it was still in its beginning stages. Come June, this book will definitely be going on my shelf!  Possession is Elana's debut novel and will be available 6/7/11 from Simon Pulse.