20 June 2010

A Few Updates

Hello fellow jello-lovers!  It's been a few weeks since my last post, so I thought I'd at least post a few random updates.

*  You have to check out the brand new look of Divine Dirt Quarterly!  The new site layout is nice.  They'll now be able to publish new pieces upon acceptance, instead of putting out one "issue" every 3 months.  AND they're now accepting music, film, and non-fiction!  If you haven't already, check the archives for my story, On a Trans-Atlantic Flight, in Issue 1.1 Fiction, and my poem, Unsuspecting Bodies, in Issue 2.1 Poetry.

*  I've finally done it - found myself a part time job!  I have two weeks left in my current full time position, but after that, I'll have loads more time to write and write and write and write and.....

* Oysters&Chocolate has accepted an erotic short story of mine for publication on their website!  It's not live yet, but I'm expecting to get the email any day now.  As soon as it's up, I'll have the link for you!

* You can now read some sample chapters on my Facebook Author Page!  I have one chapter each from Sorry's Not Enough and Confessions of a Non-Believer.  Make sure to click the "like" button while you're there!

02 June 2010

Check Me Out!

Recently, author Cheri Lasota and I swapped guest blog posts.  You can see my guest post on her blog here - it's everything you ever wanted to know about writing dialogue!