26 October 2007

2 Poems

So once again coming back to me being a literary prude, these are two poems I wrote a couple years ago. I think I like them pretty well. The intent was for them to be sensual and evoke sensuality (or sexy thoughts, if you will) in the reader.

But generally, sensuality/sexuality don't really play much of a part (if any part at all) in my writing. I think it's very difficult to be sensual without being overtly, ridiculously, amateurishly sexual, which (in writing, anyway) is a very bad thing. I think it's even more difficult in prose rather than poetry. I laugh (hysterically, I assure you) when I read things I wrote in high school which described kissing scenes and more, even though I had never experienced any of it. It's obviously harder to describe something you have no knowledge of! But now that I'm older and do have experience, it's still hard.

You don't want to write porn (at least I don't, anyway) and you don't want to sound childish and inexperienced. So what do you do? I'm not sure. And then if you can master it, you still have to find the right balance. If you're not writing erotica or romance novels, you have to be sure that the sexuality isn't excessive or gratuitous. Again, a difficult thing to decide how much is too much, and which scenes are vital to (or at least give a little depth to) the big picture.

But enough of that. On to some poetry:

To Love Her

In the orchard, acres to be
harvested. Trees still green, branches
laden, bowed with weighted
fruits firm to a gentle touch - fragrant
down of a peach pressed
against a pointed nose; grip
tightens. Taut plums await
pillaging thumbs and teeth; serpents
seduce with forbidden fruits; salacious
ripe apples fit perfectly into a curve
of palm, lifted to waiting
lips eager for the experience.

Body Conscious

Heat radiates from
fingertips, soft, stirring
the hairs on an arm.
Lips brush tender flesh,
whisper over a gentle curve
of neck, shoulder, rounded
hip. Hot breath speaks of imminent
ecstasy, a small shiver
a shudder tickles and tantalizes,
and her back arches, creates a
small hollow - a perfect
fit for the solid
warmth of his hand.

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