22 April 2008

Why I Love AQC

I'm in a private critique group on Agent Query Connect and I love it. As serious as we all our about our writing and about giving each other constructive feedback, we still manage to keep it fun. Some of our crazy little tidbits:

Addismac writes: "The craft I'm on right now is a boat that's adrift, directionless and windless. My life preserver is this group. " AND "This writing thing has me whimpering like a new born puppy taken from his mommy, its eyes not open and squirming away in the wrong direction. "

Thrownbones writes: "Oh, and I burn a lamb in a sacrifice, before I start a new book. Weird, huh?" (funny guy!)

Elana writes: "I also wrote a totally lame MG novel about elves. No one will ever see it. Ev-er."

And when Robb posed the question of why we (writers) so often write ourselves into corners, this is the countdown we came up with:

  • Reason #10: everything else is on TV. (hkelley)
  • Reason #9: "it's a balls-on thrill ride, writing yourself into a corner, because we all know how great it feels when we figure the way out. That "oh YEAH!" moment. It's kind of like "the thrill of the chase" (thrownbones)
  • Reason #8: "Writing wouldn't be nearly as fun in a round room, now would it? Rather write myself into corners than in circles....I think?" (me)
  • Reason #7: Medication has become unaffordable. (robb58)
  • Reason #6: someone has to keep the theory alive that the earth really is flat. (addismac)
  • Reason #5: Sleep is overrated. So is making dinner... (elanajohnson)
  • Reason #4: because robb would make an awful math teacher. (thrownbones, after robb goofed on the numbering of our list)
  • Reason #3: because actually following an outline would be so BORING. (hkelley)
  • Reason #2: because werds iz funz. (thrownbones)
  • Reason #1: Because writers are all just a little "touched" in the head and although we write ourselves into that corner and can clearly see the door there, or the window, or the jackhammer that could tear the whole room down, it is the words that own us, not logic, and they demand that we never take the easy way out. (me)

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  1. Even though I've read all this stuff, it's still funny. LOL!


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