31 August 2008

A New Look! A New Title!

One for the blog, the other for the book!  I just thought the blog needed a bit of a facelift, so here it is.  And Charlotte has always been a horrid title for a book, so I've come up with something better (with much help from my crit group!) and here it is.  Drumroll, please.....  To Call Home.  It has some duality to the meaning, which is nice.  And really, anything is better than Charlotte. 

Speaking of the book, I've got about two weeks to go 'til my extended deadline is here!  I wish I could say I'm done two weeks early, but..... oh well.  I haven't done much in the past two weeks, but I think I can still pull it out.  If I write like mad and stop reading so much.  I recently got a card for my local library and have been reading like a madwoman instead of writing.  I'm trying to do some research for my erotica project--mainly trying to find some good erotica to study!  I haven't had too much luck so far.  First, my library doesn't exactly have a huge selection of books classified as Erotic Fiction.  Second, there's a lot of crap out there, apparently.

I also managed to pick up a book or two that I've simply been wanting to read for a while now.  And most recently, I picked up two books by John Shelby Spong, a bishop in the Episcopal church.  I'd read excerpts from both of them while in college and was intrigued, so I figured I'd read them in full.  On top of that, they're both really good research tools for my other project, Confessions of a Non-Believer.  Spong's ideas really helped me to form my own spiritual beliefs into more concrete terms, and those ideas will be a big part of Bree's story in Confessions.  Write what you know, y'know??

So anyway, I actually have tomorrow off (Labor Day) which is completely unheard of when you're a member of management in the retail world.  Hopefully I'll leave the books (and the internet!) alone long enough to get some good writing done.  Fingers crossed!

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