04 September 2008

Good Times!

So I had a fabulous writing day today!  I finally got past the end of a scene that had me stuck for a while.  I don't even know why.  I knew exactly what had to happen, but for some reason I just couldn't write it.  But now it's written.  That, and the scene right after it.  And the whole chapter after that!  I'm getting so close I can taste it now.... I think I may be able to meet my September 15th deadline after all!  It all seems to be falling into place.

PLUS, Authonomy is now live!  That means that all of you - all four of you who read my blog - need to go over there, sign up, and search for my novel To Call Home.  Then add it to your bookshelf!  C'mon..... do it for me.  Pretty please?

I'm excited to see how things change or work out now that there will be an influx of new readers and/or writers.  We'll see.

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