17 October 2008

Rejection Time!

I sent out three e-mail queries yesterday.  Before I even got a chance to post my super-excited blog about it today, I got my first rejection!  It was just a simple form rejection, but don't worry, I'm not all torn up over it.  I pretty much expected it.  Even for writers way better than myself, it's a long and hard process.  I'm just excited to finally get into the game. 

Speaking of writers way better than me, my husband hates when I mention them haha.  He told me one of the most irritating things about me is when I downplay my talent, or rave on and on about other people's talent like they're so much better than me.  He loves me anyway, so of course he think's I'm just the best.  But I think he's been sneaking peeks at my manuscripts on the computer too.  Which is flattering, since I don't think anything I write is the kind of stuff he'd usually be interested in reading.  It's not that I think I'm no good....  I just think a little humility goes a long way.  No sense getting all big-headed and acting like an ass.  But just for my wonderful hubby, here's me in a rare moment of self-appreciation:

You know, sometimes I see it.  When a reader comments that something I wrote had exactly the impact I intended it to have, I see it.  During those times when I sit down to edit my manuscript and end up getting caught up in my own story all over again, I see it.  The flash of genius.  The Am I any good? meeting the Yes, I am.  I think I'm pretty talented, if I do say so myself.

Now c'mon, agents, do you see it too?

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  1. Ooh, Jen, sorry for the first rejection. After ten, the pain wears off. ;)


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