21 April 2009

A Self-Published Book

Not mine.  :-)  I became acquainted with Terry through a critique group on Agent Query Connect.  He started showing us chapters from his book, How Can You Mend This Purple Heart.  I immediately fell in love with the characters.  When Terry left the group, I was sad that I wouldn't be able to read the rest of the story.  We kept in touch via email, and he recently sent me a message saying he'd self-published Purple Heart!  He'd done some querying but hadn't gotten any takers, so he decided to do it himself.  I'm almost finished reading it, and I'll have a review in a few days.  Signed copies of the book are available through http://www.purplescribe.com/ so I urge you to pick up a copy and support the efforts of a fellow writer.

In other news, I made some significant revisions to the beginning of Sorry's Not Enough, revamped my query, and as soon as I go out and buy more stamps, I'll be sending out more queries!  I have a couple agents on my list who accept sample chapters with a snail mail query, so I'll be sending those out.  The insecure side of me hopes that if my query letter doesn't completely blow them away, then hopefully they'll take a look at the first chapter or so and decide they have to read more.

So later this week, in addition to the book review, I'll be posting some erotic poetry.  What?  Erotic poetry?  Scandalous!  Two poems, one of mine and one by a guest poet, Maxwell Cynn.  We also met through AQ Connect and he posted his poem first, then asked for a female counterpart.  I took a stab at it, and I think it turned out pretty well.  Stay tuned for that this week!


  1. It turned out more than "pretty well". It is absolutely awesome ;-) I hope mine doesn't look too bad beside it.

    Thanks again J. Lea,


  2. They're both fantastic!! And so incredibly hot. You guys rocked it! :)


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