28 March 2010

New Look!

So after a couple days with the bookcase background, I decided I really like it!  So it's staying.  I tweaked the layout a bit and some of the font colors, but I think I'm satisfied with the new look.  The book theme is very fitting.  And I even updated my blog description.  Maybe I'll do some jello-inspired posts some time.  I'll have to tie back in to my writing, of course.  As Elana so wisely tells us, our blog posts should be relevant!  I'm following her posts about building a better blog, so hopefully you'll be seeing more frequent, more interesting posts from me this year!

Stay tuned....  Next week we'll have another Aspiring Author Profile, this time from Maxwell Cynn.  Who's that, you ask?  You'll find out.  Although if you do a little (very easy) sleuthing around my blog, you may find recognize the name!

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  1. I like the new look. Elana is brilliant with her advice! I know Max from AQ although I haven't seen him over there for a while - it will be interesting to see how he's doing :)


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