23 August 2010

The Reluctant Exhibitionist

EDIT: Since Oysters & Chocolate has been out of print for a while but this page still gets a lot of views, please go here instead to read this sexy little short story, along with four others.

The long wait is finally over!  My erotica short story, The Reluctant Exhibitionist, is now available to read on the Oysters & Chocolate website!  It's probably obvious from the title, but I'll say it anyway: this story is sexually explicit in nature, and is intended for mature viewers only.  That said, click here to read the story, comment, and give a rating.  Enjoy!

On a completely unrelated note, I will be enabling comment moderation because of the ridiculous amounts of comment spam I've been getting.  Sorry for the inconvenience of not being able to see your comments immediately after posting.

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  1. CORRECTION: I was going to enable comment moderation, but Blogger has just introduced comment spam detection! Seems to be working, so I will NOT be moderating comments at this time. Yay! Less work for me!


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