01 April 2011

This Ain't No Joke!

Happy April Fool's Day, everyone!

Despite the day, what I'm about to say is NOT a practical joke. (No, I haven't scored an amazing agent or publishing deal.) What I do have for you, though, is something that could help YOU on your journey to improving your writing, finding an agent, publishing - traditionally or otherwise - your work, and navigating the rapidly-changing industry.

Myself and a handful of other writers who met on Agent Query Connect (though let me stress, we are NOT affiliated with, nor endorsed by, AQC in any way) have come together to compile our various talents, levels of experience, and opinions, all for your benefit! I feel so lucky and honored to be working with this group of talented writers, and we are happy to present to you:

Offering multiple perspectives on writing and the publishing industry—
from first draft to final product, and everything beyond.
Go on, click on the picture to go to the website! In addition to the site, you can also find us on Twitter and Facebook! Make sure you sign up to follow the blog, and visit the blogs of all our members, too. Leave comments, ask questions, email us, and enjoy!


  1. That's a great website. I'm looking forward to visiting it regularly. Thanks!

  2. Thank you, Perri. I hope you enjoy it!

  3. I am having trouble finding your email address. I would like to proposition you, a writer, about submitting to an anthology.

    My email address is TheCollarProject[at]gmail.com.


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