30 May 2011

Round Robin Blogvel

It's a blog tour! It's a novel! It's a Round Robin Blogvel! The witty and talented Michelle Simkins came up with this idea of a traveling blog novel and has recruited 17 other writer-bloggers in addition to herself to write it.

And, lucky YOU, readers - I'm one of them!

There will be a chapter by a different writer every week, on their own blog. Michelle, since she is the mastermind of it all, is going to write the first and the last chapters. The blogvel is called Skeleton Key, and chapter one is live, RIGHT NOW! You can see it on Michelle's blog. Chapters will post each Monday on the appropriate blog. Click the Blogvel tab at the top of this page to find the schedule and blog links. I hope you'll follow along and leave your feedback!


  1. Oooh, I would have loved to be part of that. Too bad no one let me know.

  2. awww John! Michelle posted it in the Game Room on AQC and we tweeted about it... although I'm not sure I did. She did lol. Feel free to start up one of your own. I think there were a couple others who didn't get in under the deadline. And shoot, I might contribute to a second blogvel if one starts up.

  3. Actually I would contribute to someone else's blogvel as well!

    And I'm pretty sure we'll do it again, if it all works out. It's been fun so far.


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