10 August 2011

Clothing NOT Optional

Is it hot in here... or is that just your sexy prose awaiting my contest?

As promised, I'm holding a contest here on the blog, and there are even prizes. That's right, I said prizeS, plural! I did not find the big book of erotic short stories that I originally planned to give away (but when I do, I'll just have to have another contest!) and it dawned on me that instead of picking one of my two alternate prize books, I should just offer them both as prizes!

First, I'll tell you how to win, and then I'll tell you what you can win.

Write me something short and sexy. Maximum 1200 words. Fill me with heat and desire until I'm squirming in my chair.


No one is allowed to get naked in your story. You heard me. No nudity. You don't have to write a full-on dry humping scene or anything-- think outside the box! Kinky or vanilla; solo act, a couple, or a group; see it through to orgasm or leave 'em wanting more; doesn't matter to me, as long as it gets me hot and bothered and your characters keep their clothes on!

Submit your short stories directly to me via email (see it up there, top left corner of the page?) by August 20, at 11:59pm August 22, at 9:00am. Be sure to include Clothing not optional as the subject line, so I don't accidentally look over it or delete it. I will acknowledge receipt of all entries, so if you don't hear back from me within two days of your email (or by the contest deadline) send it again and let me know. From there, I'll narrow it down to a group of finalists (at least five, but I reserve the right to be fickle and include more, if I'm so inclined) and the finalists will be posted here on my blog for public voting. By submitting to this contest, you agree to me posting your story here should you become a finalist.

Why on earth would I torture you with a contest like this? A couple reasons. I was partially inspired when I wrote Chapter Nine of The Skeleton Key as part of the Round Robin Blogvel. Obviously, I would've loved to take things waaaay over to the erotic side, but it wouldn't have fit with the story so far. And I didn't want to alienate anyone following along with the story who wouldn't normally read erotica. So I wanted to get a little sexy without anyone getting naked (although I expect you, my dear readers, to take the heat level up even more than I did!)

My main motivation for hosting this contest with these parameters, though, ties in with the first place prize. Let's look at these problems:
  • Some people are embarrassed to try writing erotica, or are too embarrassed to admit it when they do. Just because you're a nice girl like me (or guy, for that matter) doesn't mean you can't write erotica. 
  • When writing erotica, some people might be uncomfortable branching out from "polite" sex - you know, married couple, missionary position in bed sort of thing. Or we let gender roles, stereotypes, and other cultural norms about sexuality dictate our writing too much. 
  • Even if you're comfortable writing the graphic, nitty gritty bits of erotica, you might fall into a rut. Maybe it's always the same position, or the same location, or the same sequence of events in the seduction.
With this contest, I want to challenge you on all those points. By keeping your characters clothes on, maybe you'll be a little less embarrassed if this is your first attempt at writing anything erotic. It also forces you to consider the multitude of alternatives when it comes to setting, positions, and even what you consider appropriate and sexy (outside the context of actual intercourse.)

Finally, we get to the prizes!

First place wins a copy of Wetlands, by Charlotte Roche. Here's a brief  description of the main character from inside the dust jacket:
Guerrilla warrior against the sanitized version of femininity prescribed by women's magazines, punky and alienated teenager, vulnerable daughter, shock merchant, and pleasure seeker--Helen is all of these things and more, and her frequent attempts to assert her maturity ultimately prove just how fragile, confused, and young she truly is.
Whoever wins this book, I hope they can set aside any embarrassment or disgust at some of Helen's actions and finish the book through to the end, and use it as a way to examine how your own ideas about femininity, sex/sexuality, etc. may bleed into your writing, erotic or not.

The runner-up will receive a copy of Agent Provocateur: Secrets, which is a collection of nine erotic short stories. Agent Provocateur is a London boutique cofounded by Joseph Corre and Serena Rees. According to the book's dustjacket:
As the name suggests, they set out provocatively to change people's attitude that anything to do with sex must be sleazy or smutty and to encourage us to be proud of our bodies and our fantasies. Their vision for their series of erotic fiction is to create a stimulating, enchanting, and arousing experience that reflects our sensual yearnings.
So who's in? I know you all want a chance to win one of these books, right? I'm not requiring anyone to follow this blog, like my Facebook page, tweet or blog about the contest, or jump through any other hoops in order to enter this contest. I kinda hate those contests where you have to do sixty bajillion things to enter haha. That said, I would certainly appreciate it if you spread the word to your friends and networks about the contest!

To recap:
  • What: Clothing NOT Optional - sexy stories where no one gets naked
  • Word count: 1200 words maximum
  • Deadline: August 20, 2011 at 11:59pm UPDATE: Deadline extended to 8/22 at 9am Eastern
  • How to submit: email me at the address at the top of this page (on the left) with "clothing not optional" in the subject line (go ahead and send as an attachment)
  • How winners are chosen: Finalists selected by me, then posted online for pubic votes
  • Prizes: 1st place: Wetlands, by Charlotte Roche; 2nd place: erotic short story collection, Agent Provocateur: Secrets

I will be anxiously awaiting your steamy submissions!


  1. Yay! What a cool idea! This is going to be a challenge for me, but I can't wait to try :)

  2. LOVE THIS! I am totally gonna enter. I think. Maybe. Unless I lose my nerve. LOL!

  3. Awesome, ladies! I have confidence in you both. No losing your nerve! Don't make me crack the whip...lol

  4. Sounds like fun. I don't want to win, which is good since I don't have a chance, BUT this will stretch me since this is an area I struggle with. In the novel I just wrote I added a dance scene between two enemies in which one tries to seduce the other. The goal was to make the readers fan themselves while making the MC uncomfortable.

  5. Hmm, I might have to try this. They can't REMOVE the clothes, right? Peeking or flashing are permitted

  6. Would love to see what you come up with, Lannette!

    Matt - hmmm, that is a good question! Making me think about my own rules... haha. I said no one gets naked, then I said no nudity, so...

    Well, you know what, I didn't write detailed guidelines, so I'll let you all interpret what I wrote as you will. We'll see what kind of rule-benders we have ;-)

  7. LOL. If nothing else, this will be fun to watch!

    It's a little known fact that my first paid writing gig was a romance with a MINIMUM of three...um...scenes. *blush*

    When writing my chapter of The Skeleton Key I had to remind myself that I WRITE FOR KIDS.

    Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum!

  8. Cat, you did such a great job with ch 11 of The Skeleton Key that I can *totally* see you getting paid to write about "...um...scenes." LOL :)

  9. Nice, Cat! Where do I sign up for those gigs?? lol

  10. I liked all four of these. What is it about a 'roll in the hay'? lol Good job guys!


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