02 September 2011

We Have A Winner!

The voting closed a little more than an hour ago for my Clothing Not Optional contest, and I can now reveal the winners, and the identities of the participants! First, here are the authors:

Michelle SimkinsThe Day Laborer
CherieLove in the Time of Dystopia
Kellie MBreathe
Author would like to remain anonymous - Sunshine and Sea Magic

They were all great entries, and really happy these four ladies took a chance at something none of them are that familiar or comfortable with. Bravo! I know everyone is dying to know, so here are the winners.

In first place we have..... Michelle! Congrats! You've won Wetlands, by Charlotte Roche. Seems everyone liked a good roll in the hay ;-)

And the runner up is Cherie! You've won the Agent Provocateur short story collection. Congrats!

If you two ladies could email me your postal addresses, I will mail out your prizes.

Thanks again to everyone who participated, and I hope to see even more entries next time. Oh yes... there will be a next time! :-)


  1. Yay! Thanks, Jen! And thank you for letting us challenge ourselves with our writing. <3

  2. Just got home from an evening out, what fun news to come back to! This was fun, and an excellent challenge. Thanks for hosting, oh Queen of Jello!!!!

  3. Ah, boohoo. Glad there will be a next time, as I had my story half finished only to realize that I missed the deadline while I was chugging through the Rockies on a train.

    So sad, but I think your entrants did a fabulous job!

    Nice work, awesome ladies.

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