01 February 2014

The Journey of Self-Acceptance

Believe it or not, this is a GIVEAWAY post! I've teamed up with four other lovely ladies for a giveaway just in time for Valentine's Day.

As most of us know, there's a certain amount of self-acceptance that you need to have to be happy and fulfilled, both in and out of romantic relationships. The five of us chipping in for this giveaway all have books that feature strong female characters who struggle with their own self-acceptance on some level throughout the book, and it's only when they've learned to love themselves as they are that they can achieve their goals and transform into the women they want to be.

In Sorry's Not Enough, Charlotte is pretty good at convincing others that she's strong, confident, and independent. But it's pretty clear to the reader and to those who are closest to her that she's lying to herself. She pushes away painful memories from her past instead of dealing with them and as a result they haunt her for years, affecting friendships and romantic relationships alike. Steven wants to love her wholly, wounded heart and all, but she can't accept his love until she also accepts just how broken she is. The question is how long will it take her to confront her past to make way for a healthy future, and will Steven still be around once she's able to love him back?

Since Evelyn Adams doesn't blog, I'm hosting her here on Jello World so you can learn all about her book, Love Uncovered.

Evelyn Adams
Love Uncovered

Thanks, J Lea for sharing a corner of your blog with me and for all the wonderful writers participating in this giveaway!

Love Uncovered came out of conversation I had with my husband one night. We were laying in the dark, talking and I asked him what men wanted their wives to do? His answer surprised me because it was exactly what I wanted from him.

Pay attention to me and what I do for our family. Really see me. I think that is true for many couples, especially those who’ve been together for a while. It’s certainly true for Max and Julie. Max worries about being a provider and taking care of his family while at the same time wanting to be more than just a paycheck. Julie is so used to putting her needs on the back burner, she has a hard time even remembering what they are any more.

It would be easy for them to keep plodding along angry and unhappy, burdened by their responsibilities and expectations. Instead they make time to really pay attention to each other and rediscover what drew them together in the first place. By learning to accept themselves and each other they find their way to an even deeper love. And there’s plenty of spicy sex along the way.

Other participating authors:

A.T. O'Connor
Whispering Minds

Jean Oram
Whiskey and Gumdrops

Julie Farrell
Driving Me to You

Grand Prize gets all FIVE books! Dead tree books from me, A.T. and Jean and e-books from Evelyn and Julie. Only U.S. and Canada entrants will be eligible for the grand prize.

There are 10 additional prizes listed below. Individual e-book prizes will be open internationally.

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  1. So many great books to look at! Just in time for a little Valentine's romance.


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